More than just a job

Employees of Sysres are encouraged to be very pro-active, innovative and result oriented. As a software service provider, we can succeed if we hire, develop and retain the most exceptional individuals. Furthermore it has a stated policy of encouraging a meritocracy oriented career growth. We believe in the encouragement of employee initiative because it contributes to the overall growth of Sysres.

Sysres provides a challenging and growth-oriented environment for career growth.

Benefits at Sysres

At Sysres you don’t just do a job but build a career. The core of the company lies in the potential of the employees that we attract and retain. The philosophy espouses the unflinching commitment towards employees across departments and hierarchies, with the goal of developing capable leaders who can create a performance-oriented work culture.

The open and inclusive work culture fosters a great sense of belonging, yields team spirit and offers individuals a significant role to play while maintaining a shared vision. Sysres has a very professional employee grid encompassing cross-functional exposure, challenging global projects, infinite learning possibilities, intrapreneurship freedom, and mentorship programs. Of course there is best-in-class compensation along with well-appointed personal benefits and perks.

Training & Development

At Sysres we believe that it’s very essential to reinforce one’s knowledge and skill sets from time to time. We have an extensive well-structured training and development calendar for all employees. There are also leadership training symposiums and workshops organized for the Sysres Leadership Team members. Further, the company endows employees with full or partially sponsored certification programs.

Policies & Benefits

  • Flexi holiday policy to improve and appreciate workplace diversity
  • Maternity leave for woman employees
  • Compassionate leaves to assist employees on personal emergency
  • Medical insurance cover for employee and their family members
  • Accident insurance covers for all employees